New Year's Eve 2022 in Belgrade - Holiday Inn Hotel – Belexpo Center

The Holliday In Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful parts of New Belgrade, just 10 minutes from the city center. With perfect service and quality, the hotel rightfully earned its 4 stars. It is situated only 500 meters away from the highway, so it is easily accessible no matter where you come from. The spacious restaurant, where numerous festivities are held, will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding guests.

If you want to welcome the New Year in a luxurious setting with fantastic performers and top-notch service, the Holliday In Hotel is the right choice for you. A festive New Year’s Eve buffet dinner will delight all guests. A fantastic team of culinary masters is responsible for preparing fantastic dishes with the most delicious flavors.

May this New Year’s Eve set an example all your future days. Celebrate it with your loved ones at the famous Belexpo Center at the Holliday Inn. This night will be absolutely unforgettable, so don’t wait but book your spot at the Holliday Inn on time.


One of the most popular Serbian music stars MARIJA ŠERIFOVIĆ is ready to create the perfect atmosphere at the Belexpo Center hall in order to prove once again that a New Year’s Eve spent right here is something that will not be forgotten any time soon.


The ticket price for a celebration at the Belexpo Center is €70-120 €, depending on the location of the table in the hall (see sitting map). The price includes a place at the festive table, an open bar, and a buffet-style dinner.

  • Blue zone: €70 
  • Green zone: €80 
  • Purple zone: €90 
  • Orange zone: €100 
  • Black zone: €110 
  • Red zone: €120

Drink & Food

DRINKS – An open bar available during the entire night:

  • Vodka Smirnoff
  • Scotch (Johnnie Walker, Ballantines)
  • Vino (Kovačević red, white, rose)
  • Brandy (apricot, quince, plum, grape)
  • Beer (Jelen, Nikšićko, Staropramen, Beck’s)
  • Champagne (Brut)
  • Gin 
  • Vinjak
  • Gorki list
  • Vermouth
  • Campari
  • Water (Aqua Viva, Knjaz Miloš)
  • Sodas and juices (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Bitter Lemon, Tonic, Next)
  • Energy drink (Guarana)
  • Coffee (espresso, espresso with milk, latte, Turkish coffee)



  • A selection of home-made cold cuts with mustard and horseradish
  • A selection of home-made cheeses with condiments
  • Leek and sour cabbage pie
  • Cheese and spinach pie
  • Roasted chicken and marinated vegetables salad
  • Roasted chicken, carrots, celery and raisins salad with honey and Dijon mustard dressing
  • Poached chicken with aioli dressing
  • Pasta salad with prawns
  • Grilled eggplant, zucchini, and mozzarella cheese salad
  • Marinated mushrooms and vegetable salad
  • Pasta salad with smoked fish
  • Potato pie
  • Low-fat shawarma
  • Spring rolls with sweet and spicy sauce

Main dish:

  • Rolled pork in herb and nut crust with white wine and mushroom creamy sauce
  • Slow roasted pork tenderloin with julienne vegetables
  • Grilled chicken skewers a la Souvlaki
  • Barbecue meat
  • Fish fillet with sauteed fennel and zucchini
  • Pasta with porcini mushrooms, broccoli, and blue mold cheese
  • Fried potato with lemon and oregano
  • Grilled vegetables with herbs


  • Cucumber and tomato
  • A selection of seasonal salads with dressing(s)
  • Greek salad


  • Plazma cake
  • Honey pie
  • Plum pie
  • Cherry and vanilla cream cake
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Jam and sugar donuts

Location - Holiday Inn Hotel – Belexpo Center


splav restoran sirena nova godina 8

Sirena Splav Restoran

  • Live music (pop and folk music)
  • From €30 to €45