New Year's Eve 2022 in Belgrade - Kartel Splav

KARTEL – a synonym for elite nightlife in Belgrade!

The most popular night of the year is approaching! Experience the magic of the most wonderful nightlife on a phenomenal location, Ušće bb, with an atmosphere that will be remembered and talked about for a long time!

Be part of the most popular company and a team known for having an amazing time! Popular music hits, adrenaline rush, and dancing until the morning, which you have never experienced before in this way, await you at the Kartel! 

Modern interior, sound system, and lighting similar to those found in the best clubs in the world, and a quality music program are just one of the reasons why you should spend December 31st at the Kartel!


To celebrate the New Year’s Eve, we have prepared a music program that will further enhance the atmosphere: JELENA and ADRENALIN BEND! Their specialty is pop and folk music. Each member of the band is a trained musician, and they have gained experience by performing at Belgrade clubs, splavs, and other venues.

After midnight you can enjoy listening to one of the best trumpet orchestras in Serbia!

In between the sets, two DJs will play RnB music hits.

  • DJ Agressiv (RnB music)
  • DJ Nick (Commercial house hits)


The ticket price is €28 (Free consumption of local and foreign drinks all night)

Drink & Food

The price includes unlimited consumption of local and foreign drinks:

  • Gin London dry
  • Beer Tuborg (0.33), Beer Miller and Beer Lowenbrau
  • Vodka
  • White, red wine
  • Pelinkovac
  • Vinjak
  • Italian Vermouth Bianco
  • Brandy (apricot, grape, plum, mead…)
  • Mixed drinks: Gin tonic, juice vodka, blueberry vodka, bitter vodka
  • Sodas (Coca Cola, Fanta, Bitter, Tonic…)
  • Juices (Next apple, orange, blueberry, pineapple)
  • Cocktails! Several types of cocktails will be free throughout the night. Enjoy New Year’s Eve with Sex on the beach, Cuba Libre, Blue Lagoon, Tropical Heat, Gin fizz.

The Kartel has professional heating and is completely closed during the winter months, so you can expect a warm New Year’s atmosphere for New Year’s Eve!

An experienced team of managers and caterers is in charge of organizing the celebration and they are there to make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest and have a great time!

Drinks are free the entire night and served in glasses.

Other foreign drinks will be sold at promotional prices! A bottle of whiskey only 1900 RSD, Ballantines or Johnnie Walker whiskey 3500 RSD, Smirnoff 3500 RSD, Jagermeister 3500 RSD, Jack Daniels 4500 RSD, beer Heineken 179 RSD, Moet 7800 RSD.

Drink & Food

The Kartel Splav is designed to ensure that all visitors are in an ideal position on the splav regardless of where their table is located. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between booths, high seating, and bar tables.

  • Bar table – €25 
  • High seating for 4 people – €60 (free bottle of foreign drink)
  • High seating for 5-7 people – €70 and €80 (free bottle of foreign drink)
  • Booth for 5 persons – €90 
  • Booth for 8-10 persons – €150 (free bottle of foreign drink and a free bottle of a local drink of your choice)
  • Booth for 10 persons – €170 (free bottle of foreign drinks and a free bottle of a local drink of your choice)
  • Vip Booth for 10-12 persons – €260 (2 free bottles of foreign drinks or 1 bottle of premium drink + 2 bottles of local beverages of your choice)
  • Royal Booth for 10-12 persons – €260 (2 free bottles of foreign drinks or 1 bottle of Premium drink + 2 bottles of local beverages of your choice + Moet Champagne)

Location - Kartel Splav


klub stefan braun nova godina 3

Mr Stefan Braun Club

  • · Resident DJs of Mr Stefan Braun
  • · €45 for women, €55 for men
klub brankow docek nove godine 1

Brankow Club

  • DJ Fake Casual & DJ Byp_
  • 20€
klub kabinet docek nove godine 1

Kabinet Club

  • Diana Tarakaj & Sloba Trivanović + DJ Kizami & DJ Playa
  • 33€