New Year's Eve 2022 in Belgrade - Savanova Restaurant

A beautiful view of the river, a modern, 21st-century setting and perfect service – that’s what the Savanova restaurant is known for. If you want to be part of the Belgrade crew that always wants more and more, especially when it comes to the New Year’s party, know that we have a great place for you.

The Sava promenade is definitely a place that deserves to be on your list for a crazy night out in the Serbian capital. The stylish and luxurious Savanova bar-restaurant will only exude positive energy on New Year’s Eve – the best way to welcome the New Year. The restaurant interior is completely unique, and depending on what you prefer, you will be able to reserve a table, booth, as well as bar stools or a standing place.

With a great music program and a gala dinner, the entertainment will be top-notch. Don’t miss out on a memorable evening and a festive and stylish celebration of New Year’s Eve. Book your spot at the Savanova Restaurant on time.


The Get lucky band will be performing pop and folk music hits. Known for its energy, this six-member band was founded on pure love of music and they specialize in spreading positive energy! The band’s repertoire includes local and international pop and rock, funky, evergreen, dance music, and folk music. All band members have been playing music for over 10 years, so the Get lucky band is a combination of knowledge and extensive experience.

During the band’s breaks, one of the most famous DJs will play the world’s most popular hits, retro and newer ones.


The ticket price is €55 (Ultra All-Inclusive). Seating places are charged additionally.

Bar table with 2 bar stools – €40 and €50. Unlimited consumption of the aforementioned drinks and cocktail appetizers.

Bar seats – By purchasing a ticket without a reservation, you can enjoy the Savanova party from the large central bar. An open bar (foreign and local drinks) is included in the price.

Banquet tables. If you want to sit and have a full dinner, you need to make a table reservation:

  • Table for 2 persons – €45 
  • Table for 4 persons – €110-€130 
  • Table for 6 persons – €160-€180 
  • Table for 8 persons – €210-240 
  • Table for 10 persons – €280 

* with a table reservation, the guest will receive a complete dinner (cocktail appetizers, salads, and main course) and an open bar (local and foreign drinks), as well as a large cocktail offer.

* it is also possible to merge tables for larger groups of people.

* the additional reservation fees are not charged per person, but per group (per table).

Premium booth for 6-8 people – €250 – A free bottle of a premium drink of choice + food (cocktail appetizers)

Drink & Food

 U cenu karte je uračunata kompletna večera, kao i neograničena konzumacija cele noći sledećih domaćih i stranih pića i koktela:

  • Johnnie Walker whiskey
  • Smirnoff vodka
  • Pivo Heineken
  • Vino Orfelin Kovačević (Belo, Crveno i Rose)
  • Rakije Šljiva, Kajsija, Dunja
  • Gin Beefeater
  • Martini, Aperol, Gorki List
  • Tequila Olmeca
  • Mix pića : Aperol spritz, Đus vodka, Džin Tonik, Biter Vodka..
  • Kokteli : Mai Tai, Long Island, Sex on the beach, Melon Martini, Blue Lagoon, Cuba Libre, Tequila Sunrise
  • Gazirani i negazirani sokovi
  • Vode gazirana i negazirana.

Full dinner, open bar, and cocktails included in the ticket price:

  • Johnnie Walker whiskey
  • Smirnoff vodka
  • Heineken beer
  • Wine Orfelin Kovačević (white, red and rose)
  • Brandy – plum, apricot, quince
  • Gin Beefeater
  • Martini, Aperol, Gorki List
  • Tequila Olmeca
  • Mixed drinks Aperol spritz, Juice vodka, Gin Tonic, Bitter Vodka.
  • Cocktails: Mai Tai, Long Island, Sex on the beach, Melon Martini, Blue Lagoon, Cuba Libre, Tequila Sunrise
  • Sodas and juices
  • Sparkling and non-carbonated water


Cocktail appetizers:

  • Canapés with smoked ham and kaymak
  • Bite-sized chicken 
  • Bruschetta with salmon
  • Tortilla with vegetables and turkey
  • Caprese skewers
  • Vegetable rolls
  • Bruschetta with smoked ham, mozzarella, and zucchini
  • Toast cakes with two kinds of stuffing

Main dish:

  • Crispy taquitos, stuffed with chicken and cheddar, barbeque sauce and guacamole
  • Marinated pork ribs, grilled in a wood oven, covered in a juicy sauce
  • Sea bream fillet on couscous salad and marinated artichokes with fresh herbs

Sitemap und Tabellenplan


Location - Savanova Restaurant


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