New Year's Eve 2022 at Belgrade clubs and splavs

klub kafana tarapana nova godina 1

Tarapana Club

  • Nemanja Staletović and Aleksandra Marjanović
  • 40€

Komitet Club

  • Sedative bend
  • from €40

Kartel Splav

  • Jelena i Adrenalin band
  • 28€

River Splav

  • Aleksandra Saška Hajder, Damir Cicić, Dj Nick Vice
  • 32€
klub kasina bar nova godina 4

Kasina Club

  • Stefan Živojinović
  • from €50

Kabinet Club

  • Diana Tarakaj & Sloba Trivanović + DJ Kizami & DJ Playa
  • 33€

Brankow Club

  • DJ Fake Casual & DJ Byp_
  • 20€

Mr Stefan Braun Club

  • · Resident DJs of Mr Stefan Braun
  • · €45 for women, €55 for men

New Year’s Eve 2022 celebration at Belgrade clubs and splavs

Belgrade clubs and splavs (river clubs) are something that Belgrade is widely known for, especially when it comes to New Year celebrations. The festive mood is evident at every step, so a New Year’s Eve spent at some of the many clubs and splavs is a truly special experience.

Young people 20-30 years of age are the most likely group to decide to spend New Year’s Eve at clubs or splavs. However, many people from the diaspora also enjoy visiting these places when they are looking to have a good time while visiting Serbia. During New Year’s Eve, clubs and splavs most often play local folk music, but in some clubs, EDM can be heard, which is mostly tailored to tourists, who visit Belgrade more and more with each passing year.

Clubs and splavs usually organize all-inclusive parties, where you get unlimited drinks during the New Year’s Eve after you buy a ticket and make a reservation.

Guests over the age of 30 are more likely to opt for one of the restaurants, so you can check out the New Year’s Eve celebrations at restaurants and hotels here.