New Year's Eve 2022 in Belgrade

klub kafana tarapana nova godina 1

Tarapana Club

  • Nemanja Staletović and Aleksandra Marjanović
  • 40€
event centar kopernikus 610 nova godina

Event Center Kopernikus 610

  • Keba i Milica Todorović
  • from €80
hotel majdan nova godina 10

Majdan Hotel

  • Ceca Ražnatović i Sloba Radanović
  • from €120
restoran holivud ledine nova godina

Hollywood Ledine Restaurant

  • Darko Lazić i Dara Bubamara
  • from €65
hotel hajat nova godina 11

Hotel Hyatt

  • Jelena Karleuša
  • from €60
hotel crowne plaza nova godina 2

Hotel Crowne Plaza

  • Aleksandra Prijović
  • from €60
hotel metropol nova godina

Metropol Hotel

  • Lapsus Band
  • from €100
club restoran lobby docek nove godine 1

Lobby Event Center

  • Katarina Sotirović & Party Time Bend
  • from €40
restoran ser zile nova godina 4

Ser Gilles Restaurant

  • Stefan Rusimović (Pinkove zvezde) i Galliano band
  • from €40
restoran hotel nota docek nove godine 1

Nota Hotel

  • Dejan Matić i Gabrijela Pejčev
  • from €80
vila jelena nova godina 0

Villa Jelena

  • Paparazzo band
  • from €70
restoran nera nova godina 5

Nera Restaurant

  • Jana i Uroš Živković
  • from €50
hotel mona plaza docek nove godine 5

Mona Plaza Hotel

  • Vivo bend i Mirna Radulović
  • from €60
splav restoran amsterdam nova godina 5

Amsterdam Splav Restaurant

  • Medino Bend
  • from €35 to €60
klub komitet nova godina 3

Komitet Club

  • Sedative bend
  • from €40
vila andjela docek nove godine 3

Villa Anđela

  • Marko Bulat i Atlantic bend
  • from €50
hotel radisson blu beograd docek nove godine 4

Radisson Collection Hotel

  • Darko Bartošek, Money bend & Marija Mitić
  • from €60
restoran magaza beton hala nova godina 2

Magaza Restaurant

  • Snovi od Stakla orchestra
  • 55€
restoran savski venac docek nove godine 21

Savski Venac Restaurant

  • 'Bele Pčele' orchestra
  • from €45
restoran kalemegdanska terasa 13

Kalemegdanska Terasa

  • Balkan Ekspres Bend
  • 120 €
restoran gardos docek nove godine 2

Gardoš Restaurant

  • Mistik bend & Nela Vukotić (Zvezde Granda)
  • from €50
restoran stadion nova godina 2

Stadion Restaurant

  • Ivana Bojanović, Marko Milinković i Dejan Deki Jovičić
  • from €50
restoran principessa nova godina 2

Principessa Restaurant

  • Modus bend
  • 5000 RSD – 6000 RSD
splav kartel nova godina

Kartel Splav

  • Jelena i Adrenalin band
  • 28€
splav river nova godina 1

River Splav

  • Aleksandra Saška Hajder, Damir Cicić, Dj Nick Vice
  • 32€
klub kasina bar nova godina 4

Kasina Club

  • Stefan Živojinović
  • from €50
na vodi kafana docek nove godine 1

Na vodi kafana

  • Deni Boneštaj & Stojče Sandić
  • 35€
kafana druga kuca nova godina 2

Druga kuća Tavern

  • Nenad Nikolić i Dragana Verešan
  • from €30
hotel-orasac-beograd-docek-nove-godine-2020 (1)

Orašac Hotel

  • Izazov bend i Jelena Milošev (Zvezde Granda)
  • €40 and €50
restoran golf docek nove godine 6

Golf Restaurant

  • Stevan Sekulić i Avangardia bend
  • from €35
klub kabinet docek nove godine 1

Kabinet Club

  • Diana Tarakaj & Sloba Trivanović + DJ Kizami & DJ Playa
  • 33€
old london pub nova godina 6

Old London Pub

  • Familija bend (pop and rock)
  • 40€
kafana ambasada docek nove godine 3

Ambasada Tavern

  • Aleksa Ljuboja & Jovke
  • 35€
restoran stadion hall nova godina 2

Stadion Hall Restaurant

  • Đani i Andreana Čekić
  • from €90 to €130
kafana sipaj ne pitaj docek nove godine 15

Sipaj, ne pitaj Tavern

  • Sale Paunović & Diana Mihajlović
  • 35€
klub brankow docek nove godine 1

Brankow Club

  • DJ Fake Casual & DJ Byp_
  • 20€
kafana ona moja 6 nova godina

Ona moja Tavern

  • Martin Ajdarević i Vesna Račić
  • 45€
klub stefan braun nova godina 3

Mr Stefan Braun Club

  • · Resident DJs of Mr Stefan Braun
  • · €45 for women, €55 for men
splav restoran sirena nova godina 8

Sirena Splav Restoran

  • Live music (pop and folk music)
  • From €30 to €45

Where should you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Belgrade?

If you are facing a dilemma as to what place is the best choice to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Belgrade, then you have come to the right place. We will present all possible spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Belgrade and give you some tips on how you can decide which one is the right one for you!

If you are between 18 to 22 years of age, we recommend that you check out some of the larger celebrations held in alternative spaces, which are generally less expensive, where comfort is lacking, but at that age, comfort is the least important thing, the crew and the money that stays in your pocket are of much higher importance.

For a slightly older crowd (23-30 years old), we recommend a club, splav or tavern. This is an age when people still actively go out. Food is not usually served in places like this, but there is an open bar and a good time on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed.

For an older crew (30-50 years), known for being demanding and looking for a more comfortable night out when it comes to New Year’s Eve, we recommend restaurants and hotels. A place at an elegant table, an abundance of food and drinks, and a live music program – everything that this generation has come to expect from a New Year’s Eve celebration.

And last, but not least, a generation that rarely goes out, except for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. To this generation, we recommend some of the traditional restaurants with more pleasant music, such as traditional tambourine music and the like.

As far as prices are concerned, when it comes to New Year’s Eve there is a sort of rule which says “you get what you pay for”. If a celebration seems really cheap compared to the offer, rest assured that the service, food and drink offer will be suitable for the price. The price is also dictated by the musicians, if a well-known music star is performing on New Year’s Eve, bear in mind that tickets will justifiably be more expensive because of that.

If you decide to celebrate the New Year at home with your family and friends, you will certainly not go wrong, but it is also nice to relax with your friends and enjoy some of the beautiful places Belgrade has to offer. Whatever you decide, we wish you a happy and successful New Year!