New Year's Eve 2022 in Belgrade - Lobby Event Center

Take a peek at the club restaurant Lobby, as its never-seen-before interior represents a true architectural marvel.

The Lobby Event Center is now known for throwing luxury events, such as the New Year’s Eve celebration where guests will be able to get only the best of the best.

Constructed with a combination of brick and wood materials, Lobby is the perfect place to enjoy both a pleasant atmosphere and great music and delicious food.

Other important elements of a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration are also met by the Lobby, as you can see in the photo gallery.

The kitchen where gastronomic magic happens is made according to the highest standards, the parking lot has 200 parking spaces, and special attention was paid to the sound system as well as the quality of service.

If you’re looking for a way to welcome the New Year in a grand style, the Lobby Event Center is the perfect choice for you.


Katarina Sotirović & Party Time Bend + Trumpet players at midnight!

We can all agree that in addition to food and drinks and ambiance, music is a very important factor on New Year’s Eve. That is why a skilled group of top musicians who perform at numerous clubs and event centers throughout the year will be in charge of atmosphere during the New Year’s Eve.

A seven-member band (drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone, a male and female singer) led by well-known female vocalist Kaća Sotirović (ex-member of the Koktel band) who has extensive experience in entertaining people with her musical and vocal abilities. Sotirović boasts an extremely large repertoire of songs, from pop to folk (old and new ones). The band will surely play an important role in creating an irresistible atmosphere and making this night a memorable one!

At midnight, expect a short performance of the best Serbian trumpet players!


Ticket prices are €40 for a bar table with bar stools (open bar and a full dinner) and from €50 to €80 for a place at an elegant table (open bar and a full dinner).

A seat at the bar table:

  • Blue zone – €40 

A seat at the elegant table:

  • Green zone – €50 
  • Silver zone – €60 
  • Red zone – €70 
  • Gold zone – €80 

Drink & Food

DRINKS – Open bar:

  • Beer Heineken
  • Wine Orfelin Kovačević (red, white, rose)
  • Free cocktails: Tropical Heat, Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon, Gin Red Passion
  • High-quality brandy (apricot, quince, plum, mead)
  • Pelinkovac Gorki list
  • Vodka
  • Gin London dry
  • Bianco Vermouth
  • Vinjak Rubin
  • Soda: Coca Cola, Tonic, Bitter…
  • Juice: orange, apple, blueberry…
  • Mineral non-carbonated and sparkling water Knjaz Miloš
  • Mix: juice vodka, bitter vodka, gin tonic.



  • A selection of cheeses: kashkaval edamac, gouda and trapist and two types of kaymak
  • Savory rolls with three types of stuffing – spinach, carrot, and paprika (cream cheese, sour cream, cucumber, spinach)
  • A selection of home-made crispy pies with cheese, greens, and leek
  • Wrap rolls – tortillas and chicken and beef
  • Canapé with prosciutto and kaymak
  • A selection of prosciuttos and sausages
  • Rye bagels, pastries and Kaiser rolls, Bavarian pastries


  • Olivye salad
  • Eggplant salad with pumpkin seed marinade
  • Greek salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Mimosa salad
  • Serbian salad

Warm appetizers:

  • Grilled vegetables in Royal sauce
  • Baked potato with cheese
  • Penne with chicken and zucchini in gorgonzola sauce

Main dish:

  • Stuffed leg of veal with barbeque sauce and gnocchi
  • Penne with chicken and zucchini, pesto sauce
  • Turkey fillet breaded in sesame seeds with tartar sauce on the side
  • Home-made barbecue – kebabs, chicken fillet, patties, cocktail sausage
  • Chicken drumstick in a creamy rosemary sauce


  • Fruit skewers and a selection of New Year’s Eve petit fours

Location - Lobby Event Center


splav restoran sirena nova godina 8

Sirena Splav Restoran

  • Live music (pop and folk music)
  • From €30 to €45